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A top loin strip steak, otherwise known as a New York or Kansas City strip steak, is one of the best steak cuts. It's juicy, tender, flavorful and nicely marbled with fat. It's also a thick enough cut that you can grill it to develop that desirable crisp, charred exterior without overcooking the inside. New York strip steak, also called Kansas City strip, club steak or top sirloin, is a cut from the upper portion of the beef short loin renowned for its moderate tenderness, marbling and strong, beefy flavor. This steak is commonly cut 1-1/2 to 2 inches thick to ensure .

A properly cooked strip steak has a crispy exterior contrasting with a tender, juicy center. Dry heat is necessary for the flavorful crust; a short cooking time is necessary to keep the center moist. Getting the heat right can be a challenge. Boneless strip steaks are naturally tender, cut from the. The strip loin steak or New York strip steaks are very a popular cut but not a lot of people roast this cut. Strip loin is a tender cut with a nice beefy flavor and texture, that when cooked properly will receive rave reviews. To bring out additional flavor and produce a more buttery texture you can dry age the roast for a .

Jun 06, 2014 · NY strip is my favorite cut of steak and I prefer it with the bone in because I always feel like it ads more flavor to the steak. But you can make this recipe with almost any cut of steak. The secret to a good steak is a heavy duty pan that has good heat 4.5/5(19).