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Our Vintage Plus neck pickups are designed to match the Vintage Plus bridge pickups. These pickups are based on a mini P-90 design to eliminate the weak point in the Tele sound, the neck and middle positions, by producing a bigger, harmonically responsive tone that has way more output, deeper bass and clearer treble than any of them sissy next. Feb 15, 2019 · I put a set of HD Vintage + pups in my Feiten T-Pro. Wow what a difference. According to the website the neck pickup is based on a P-90 design. I'm not sure about the bridge pickup. Somehow these pickups retain the Tele flavor with more out put and just more harmonic content.

The Bakersfield Californian recently did a comprehensive article on Harmonic Design and Scott. In his 'Choosing a Pickup' article in Vintage Guitar magazine, Tony Nobles top rates the Harmonic Design Super 90 "Almost ideal, my favorite." ToneQuest Magazine's cover story about Z-90's says, "The tone of these pickups is not to be believed.". Mar 12, 2009 · The V+ neck pup is awesome. However, I did take the Vintage Plus pups out of my main Tele because I wanted a more traditional, twangy sound. I replaced them with another set of Harmonic Design pickups (54 Specials). Love those pups, but I agree that the Vintage Plus are great for a less traditional sound.

yeah, i was talking about the vintage plus series in general be it single, tele or hummer. apparently, their humbuckers and tele pickups garnered rave reviews. curly, you are are talking about your strat right? you used to have the vintage plus in it? harmonic design vintage plus pickups. Apr 14, 2003 · Best Strat pickups I own one Strat and one Strat only. I opted for the Voodoo's not only in my strats but in my tele as well these are magical and my search is over. Chow, Seegs 08-11-2002, Harmonic Design Vintage Plus lot's of ooomph with no freq over emphasized. Great pups. -Lefty. 09-09-2002, 09:13 PM #70.

Aquired direct from Harmonic Design $225.00 plus shipping Tasty rich Strat replacement pickups. Single coils with rw middle for humbucking in-between sounds. Rich in overtones and very complex sounds. They went straight into my Warmoth Strat and transformed it from a 5/5. Here is a beautiful Harmonic Design Vintage Plus Strat single cole pickup! Bought for a guitar I have since sold and never installed. Has about 12” of lead and reads around 5.4K. Can be used in any position. Has what I believe is the “aged white” cover - it’s not cream but it’s not pure white either. Costs $80 plus shipping brand new.