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Sep 08, 2014 · Most wine bottles have a deep, concave indentation on their bottom, especially more expensive ones like high-quality Bordeaux or Burgundy bottles. This concavity is not just a bow to tradition, left over from when all bottles were made individually by hand. In other words, it is not just decoration, as some sources attest.Author: Erict_Culinarylore. Feb 10, 2012 · Bottles nowadays are much stronger and machine-made, so the punt is simply part of wine-bottle tradition, though some say it helps collect the sediment as wines age. Punts no longer serve a structural function except in bottles of sparkling wine, which have constant pressure inside.

The large indent in the base of wine bottles is known as a punt. It is intended to strengthen the bottle and not to give the impression that the bottle contains more liquid than it really does. Stability – It decreases the chances that the bottle will topple over. If there is less surface area in the middle then there is almost no chance that the bottle will be wobbily. If you had a wine bottle with a flat bottom, it would only take a small imperfection in the glass to make it unstable.

Apr 20, 2013 · Don’t miss out! Follow on Facebook and bring more love and life into your home.. Found this great video on youtube that shows the easiest way to cut a wine bottle in two. A lot of techniques require a special scoring tool but this method you can do . Wondering how to cut wine bottles but don't have proper glass-cutting equipment on hand? The answer is simple. Use science! Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement Author: Kristina Grosspietsch.

Mar 08, 2010 · Have you ever attempted to cut a wine bottle only to have it leave a nasty jagged edge? Maker Dan Rojas shows us the secret to cutting a wine bottle with a clean edge in less than 30 seconds. [Thanks, Timothy!] Bottle cutting can be difficult, but with Rojas’ helpful video you’ll be a pro in no time. A wine bottle is a bottle, generally made of glass, that is used for holding wine. Some wines are fermented in the bottle, others are bottled only after fermentation. Recently the bottle has become a standard unit of volume to describe sales in the wine industry, measuring 750 millilitres (26.40 imp fl .

The number (within a triangle with rounded corners) found on the bottom of plastic bottles is a code indicating the type of plastic the bottle is made from, and pertains to the subject of recycling).