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She described the experience in nice detail explaing how different sex with a canine was from sex with a human. At the end of the story she said that she has sex with her dog all the time now and she could easily give up sex with humans. I shook my head and thought that the sex with a dog must be very special for someone to consider that move. Confession #2692. 01/02/2017 I'm currently 14 years old and I have a major addiction with masturbation. I got into porn when I was younger, I guess around 8, when I accidentally hit a .

Free Sex Stories Collection. Goliath by maria1 Rated 96%, Read 867555 times, Posted Tue 26th of May 2015 True Story, Bestiality ANAL DESIRES by dogduty «Bestiality, Anal, TG, M/Dog». Tag: true stories of beastiality. Triple Erotica, Zoophilia 3 comments. The Bestiality Cop. Our sex life was always good, but lately he has slowed down and has developed erectile dysfunction. He has a prescription for Viagra which works well for him. An hour after taking it, he always gets a good hard-on. I still go down on him, but he won.

Jul 07, 2011 · Animal Sex Stories Animal Sex Stories-My First Time, true story about my first time My first time was probably about 5 years ago, but I still remember every detail as if it happened yesterday. I was at home alone one night and was very bored. I decided that since I had recently broke up with [ ]. zoophilia Only the erotic stories of the genre that stimulates your the most. The genre Zoophilia or more technically zooerastia collects the stories that deal with the practical human paraphilic to mate or have sex with animals of various kinds: dogs, horses, birds, fish, cats, sheep, pigs or more.

animal sex beast beastiality bestiality dog dog sex family sex free porn stories stories A story of a couple who find a dog for their love play Let me make it absolutely clear before I . Free Sex Stories Collection. Farm Girl - part 1 by Dark Dreamer Rated 76.3%, Read 3700559 times, Posted Fri 13th of February 2004 Fiction, Bestiality, Incest, Rape my night of dog fucking by bearclaw1 Rated 80.7%, Read 2757148 times, Posted Thu 20th of July 2006 True Story, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Hardcore, Voyeurism, Wife.

This is a collection of bestiality stories from the Kristen Directories. If you have some good "bestiality stories" -- or have written one that isn't here, how about sending it in so everyone can read it. Bestiality stories. Animal big cock craving slut. Here are quick teasers, Licking the dog-cock seemed to make her pussy feel even better beneath the animal’s lashing tongue Denise kept choking. The donkey’s cockhead was stuffed in her mouth like a fist, and it swelled.