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Chewing on things is a natural habit that helps parakeets keep their beaks trimmed. Although the paper on the bottom of the cage won't trim his beak, it satisfies his need to chew. In the wild, parakeets must forage for their food, so rooting through the debris on the cage bottom is natural. My parakeet is on the bottom of her cage. Ive had this happen. If you start to notice anything protruding from the vent, cessation of droppings or pasting of droppings on her feathers, open mouth breathing, excessive fluffing, lethargy, loss of balance and other symptoms that you know aren't good - you could have as little as two hours to get her to a vet.

Oct 25, 2006 · Answers. when we got up this morning our budgie was sitting on the floor of the cage, his breathing is shallow and he got up on the perch but couldn't stay on he is now just laying on the bottom of the cage.Followers: 3. Hi, my budgie is sitting on the bottom of his cage, Stop right away with the sulfur and take the stuff out of his drinking water. Wash and scald the dish and refill it with only plain, fresh water. That over counter junk is a waste of your money and his time. No matter what a pet store employee may tell you.

My mom's parakeet is about 7 years old. very playful and chatty. About a week ago, she noticed he began to sleep slouched over on his perch. He is fluffy, shakes and is now sitting on the bottom of his cage. Usually, an active healthy parakeet sits on a perch in an attentive posture, moving often. A sick parakeet may remain in one position for long periods of time or he may no longer perch, but sit in the bottom of his cage. Also, parakeets normally keep their feathers smooth and tight to their bodies.

May 29, 2013 · Sick budgie - please help! - posted in Your Pets: Hi, I have been bird-sitting 2 budgies for the past 2 nights (they belong to school). One of them I have noticed always looks very sleepy and the. Doves will sit at the bottom of the cage for several reasons, the most common of which are 1 the bird is scared 2 the bird is sick 3 the perch is to small for comfort.

Puffed up parakeet is sitting on the bottom of the cage. What's wrong? seems the bird is sick, is he in a draft? does he have food and water? Be sure to keep extra warm and use a heat lamp if you. Aug 20, 2012 · Female birds might sit low on a perch and make strange chirping noises and at the same time flick or shake her wings, which is a signal meant to solicit breeding behavior from a male bird. A bird of either sex might begin staying on the bottom of the cage, protectively sitting on a bell, nut or toy.