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Triathlon swimming is different from competitive swimming. Although the goals are the same--complete the distance as fast as possible--triathlon requires you to be as efficient as you can in order save energy for the bike and run later on. In fact, many triathletes feel that the race does not really Author: Neil Cook. As technical as the sport of swimming can be, it is tough to narrow down the answer to the often-asked question, "What should I concentrate on?" So I came up with a top 10 list of steps to improving your swim for a triathlon. These aren't necessarily in any order, but should go a long way in helping Author: Kevin Koskella.

Warm up and then carry out the 400m time trial first and after a full recovery, do the 200m time trial. Try to pace the trials as evenly as possible, and do both from a push off the wall not a dive start. Home › Swimming › Triathlon Swim Speed: Top of Page. Triathlon Swimming Technique Improving your triathlon swimming technique can have a significant impact upon your performance in triathlon races. Being more confident and better positioned in open water can lead to you exiting the swim less fatigued from the melee of swimming in the pack, as well as further up the field and therefore in a better.

May 17, 2007 · Straight up, running will burn more fat than swimming. That being said, running does very little for making you look good (I'm assuming that's why you asked). That's why all the elite runners are just twigs. No shape or muscle. Swimming does not burn fat as fast, but it is a great body workout and tones you (though it doesn't really build muscle.)Status: Open.