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To get unnumbered chapters, parts, sections, subsections, etc, you just affix a * (asterisk) to the respective sectioning command; hence, you'd type something like \section*{Acknowledgments} or \chapter*{Introduction} Exactly which sectioning command you ought to use will depend importantly on aspects of the document that you haven't told us about. And this produces the following typeset output. Note that, as with LaTeX, a numbered subsection of an unnumbered section doesn't work correctly. Here, unlike in LaTeX, it inherits the "parent" number from the preceeding numbered section.

The command \section{} marks the beginning of a new section, inside the braces is set the title. Section numbering is automatic and can be disabled. Open an example in Overleaf Document Sectioning. L a T e X can organize, number, and index chapters and sections of document. There are up to 7 levels of depth for defining sections depending on. Mar 21, 2010 · I have a document where I want to place an unnumbered section in my header. I use the fancyhdr package, and for a numbered section, I would had done something like this: \lhead{\leftmark} But this don't work with unnumbered sections. I'm solving math-problems in my document, so I don't want part-sections and numbered sections.

Nov 08, 2012 · This is standard LaTeX behaviour. \label stores the number of certain counters and \ref provides the value of the thus stored counter according to the definition \the. In case of sections it's the value of the counter section. Here is an example. Unnumbered sections in the Table of Contents The way the relevant parts of sectioning commands work is exemplified by the way the \chapter command uses the counter secnumdepth (described in Appendix C of the LaTeX manual). put something in the aux file, which will appear in the toc;; if the secnumdepth counter is greater than or equal to zero, increase the counter for the chapter and write it.

Jun 09, 2007 · LaTeX forum ⇒ General ⇒ Unnumbered section headings in the table of contents. Unnumbered section headings in the table of contents. Post by localghost» Sat Jun 09, 2007 7:17 am. As an alternative, you can just add your unnumbered section to the TOC. If you'd prefer your sections, subsection, and so forth to be displayed without numbers on the left side of the title, you simply add a * symbol to the command. (Note that section headings created this way will not be listed in the table of contents \tableofcontents.) For example, you can get a section without a number using the following command.

Home → General LaTeX tips and tricks → Unnumbered theorems 23. How can you get unnumbered Theorem environments? Answer. Use the amsthm package by the American Mathematical Society. Standard L a T e X only offers a \newtheorem command that will create numbered environments.