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Sep 25, 2017 · Some women have breast tumors with higher levels of a protein known as HER2/neu – these are called HER2-positive breast cancers. What is HER2/neu and what does it mean? HER2/neu (often just shortened to HER2) is a growth-promoting protein Last Revised: September 25, 2017. HER2-positive breast cancer is more aggressive and more likely to recur than HER2-negative breast cancer. Recurrence can happen anytime. But it usually takes place within five years of treatment.Author: Robin Madell.

Mar 27, 2019 · HER2-positive and HER2-negative refer to two different types of breast cancer. In recent years, there have been significant developments in the treatment of HER2-positive Author: Natalie Silver. HER2-positive breast cancer is a type of breast cancer in which breast cancer cells test positive for a protein receptor called human epidermal growth factor receptor 2. This protein’s normal.

Mar 09, 2019 · HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2) is a gene that can play a role in the development of breast cancer.Your pathology report should include information about HER2 status, which tells you whether or not HER2 is playing a role in the cancer. Genes contain the recipes for the various proteins a cell needs to stay healthy and function normally. Breast cancers are ER-positive, HER2-positive, or triple negative. The type of breast cancer you have determines the type of medication you take. Learn more from experts at WebMD.Author: Gina Shaw.

Targeted therapy for HER2 positive breast cancer has changed the prognosis, and now treatment outcomes are essentially the same as for HER2 negative tumors (though HER2 tumors tend to be larger). These medications have changed the prognosis for stage I to stage III HER2 positive . Targeted therapy for HER2-positive breast cancer. For about 1 in 5 women with breast cancer, the cancer cells have too much of a growth-promoting protein known as HER2/neu (or just HER2) on their surface. These cancers, known as HER2-positive breast cancers, tend to grow and spread more aggressively. A number of drugs have been developed that Last Revised: June 5, 2018.

On November 16, 2006, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted approval to trastuzumab used with chemotherapy as an adjuvant treatment for women with HER2-positive breast cancer. The drug has improved survival rates for women with stage 1 to 3 HER2-positive .