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breast tissue in the axilla - Axillary breast tissue: clinical presentation and surgical treatment.

Accessory breast tissue is a relatively common congenital condition in which abnormal accessory breast tissue is seen in addition to the presence of normal breast tissue. This normal variant can present as a mass anywhere along the course of the embryologic mammary streak (axilla to the inguinal region). Axillary Breast Removal Gets Rid Of Unwanted Bulkiness. Breast tissue can develop in areas beyond the normal breast location. If this occurs, Dr. Kasrai can perform a treatment that eliminates this concern using one of two methods.

Aberrant breast tissue is usually present along the milk line above or below the normal breast location. Occasionally, it is found in unusual locations, such as the axilla, scapula, thigh, and labia majora. Accessory axillary breast tissue is present in approximately 2% to 6% of women.Cited by: 72. Anatomy: Breast & Axilla In a young woman, the breast tissue is dense and parenchyma rich. As the woman ages, the fat content of the breast tissue will increase. This explains the overall aspect of the breast, as it will begin to droop. The increased fat content of the breast in older patients accounts for the higher quality of their.

Jul 13, 2015 · CPT for excision of axillary breast tissue. E. maria Posted Fri 10th of July, 2015 19:32:21 PM. What is the correct CPT code for excision of axillary accessory breast tissue? ICD-9-CM 757.6 SuperCoder Answered Mon 13th of July, 2015 00:42:14 AM. Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Yim on axillary breast tissue underarm: If you palpate it.

Jan 15, 2018 · Uncommon problems: Since this is breast tissue, it has the potential for the same problems as any other breast tissue, including inflammation, mastitis, abscesses, cysts, benign lumps, or malignant changes. The accessory nipple or breast tissue can be surgically removed, but this is not necessary unless it is causing problems. Apr 23, 2012 · However, it may not be evident until puberty. 1, 2 Although accessory breast tissue is usually found along the thoracoabdominal region of the milk line (67%), which extends down to the groin, ectopic breast tissue may also be present in locations such as the face, back, and thigh. 1, 3, 4Cited by: 4.

Aug 06, 2013 · Axillary breast tissue and fat could be the main reason but what I've seen in my patients is also extra skin that is normal because of the shoulder joint, you can see that when you lift your arm improves the problem, but I would definitely try Vaser lipo and or .