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If you suspect carpal tunnel syndrome is the cause of your involuntary thumb twitching, your best bet is to see a doctor, but there are a few tests you can do at home just to make sure: Tapping over carpal tunnel area – if this tapping results in sharp pain radiating towards your fingers, chances. Hence, dehydration can also cause thumb twitching. Alcohol: As alcohol has adverse effects on the nerves, excessive consumption of alcohol can be one of the causes too. Sleep: Insufficient amount of sleep or insomnia can lead to twitching muscles.Author: Kalpana Kumari.

Thumb shaking or thumb twitching is when your thumb starts shaking involuntarily. It could be caused by a nerve impulse or a tingling sensation. Sometimes your hand goes numb, and it affects the thumb. Aug 13, 2018 · You can help prevent some causes of thumb twitching: Avoid your triggers. If caffeine, sugar, or alcohol cause twitching, limit how much you consume or avoid them altogether. Manage your stress. Meditating and breathing exercises can both help reduce twitching caused Author: Tim Jewell.

Bottom Line: Muscle overuse, dehydration, and nerve damage are common causes of thumb twitching. When to See a Doctor This symptom is, for the most part, harmless. Can a twitching thumb mean something serious, even deadly? The reason a twitching thumb can really cause worry is because the thumb is a very small part of the body — a digit — and when muscles of a digit (be it a thumb, index finger or toe) twitch, the digit typically jumps.

Jul 05, 2019 · What Causes Thumb Twitching? Thumb twitching may be the result of playing video games for a long period of time. Nutritional deficiencies may cause thumb twitching. Thumb twitching may be a side effect of prescription medications. Anxiety and a feeling of tenseness may cause thumb twitching. Twitching in the left thumb may also indicate an overdose of caffeine, stimulants or amphetamines or a drug side effect to estrogen, corticosteroids or diuretics, adds MedlinePlus. Diet is also a cause of left thumb twitching, especially when an individual fails to consume a balanced diet.

May 22, 2017 · Common Causes of Twitching Fingers A finger twitch is an involuntary muscle spasm brought on by a localized muscle or muscle group connected by a single nerve. Our muscles tend to twitch when triggered by various factors.Author: Doctors Health Press Editorial Team.