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I'm not a physician. When I suffered from epididymitis, my urologists did say that I can continue with masturbation. I masturbated once every week to clear the load. Some doctors say it is good in one way, saying the epididymis is a thin coiled tube and ejaculation prevents any blockage due to . Dec 27, 2007 · Best Answer: Epididymitis is and infection of the vas differece tubes on top of the testicle. Yes you can have an ejaculation, and it usually will cause pain. It may help with getting rid of the infection, but it will not hurt anything other then pain where it is sore, and already painful. Status: Open.

Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Wosnitzer on excess masturbation epididymitis: If you're rough-and-tumble with yourself and you don't have good support of your testes and their attachments, you may end up getting sore. By contrast, real epididymitis is an infection. Jan 06, 2006 · I did a search and read tons on this. Actually I have done extensive research on this topic because it seems to be a reocurring problem. I was first diagnosed with epididymitis a few years ago. I was given doxycycline which did not work and then cipro which also did not work. Eventually the pain went away after taking.

The epididymis -- a long, coiled tube at the back of each testicle -- can get inflamed. That’s called epididymitis. Learn what causes it, the symptoms, and how it’s treated. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Lewis on can you masterbate with epididymitis: Depending on the cause and severity of the epididymitis, ejaculation either via masturbation or sexual intercourse may .

Epididymitis and masturbation rawherbivore. I recently was diagnosed with severe epididymitis. I was in South America and took anti-biotics for it. It has been over a month and the swelling and pain is almost gone. I haven't had sex or masturbated since this began, . Can a lot of masturbation cause epididymitis? I have masturbated much more than usual for the last week (2-3 times per day) Can you get bacterial epididymitis when you have had a vasectomy? I am 42, 190.

What causes pain after masturbation in a patient with epididymitis? Answered by. Dr. Sadaf Mustafa. and medically reviewed by Dr. Divya Banu M. Patient's Query. Hello doctor, I have epididymitis and I am taking Ciprofloxacin for it. I was feeling better but then I masturbated and all the pain is back.Author: Dr. Sadaf Mustafa. May 12, 2015 · Is it okay to masturbate while I've got epididymitis? Masturbation is a sign of your mature,so it is acceptable.However the excessive masturbation do harms to your testicles because it will lead to the long-time congestion of the urinary tract.And the immunity will decrease. Your epididymitis is slight type according to the diagnosis of the.