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Sep 25, 2017 · Young adult literature is fun. Sure, novels aimed at adults can be really wonderful too, but there is something particularly magical about YA. Books aimed at teens tend to grapple with themes of Home Country: Bay Area, California. Fables. These are the first twelve in a series of original modern fables for parents and other adults, created and copyrighted by Humanity Project Founder, Bob Knotts.

Young Adult Books For Teens, Best YA Novels 2018. Book Recommendations • Entertainment • The Hunger Games • The Latest. written by Refinery29 Editors. More from Books & Art. Entertainment.Author: Refinery29 Editors. Books shelved as moral: Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche, Common Sense, The Rights of Man and Other Essential Writings by Thomas Paine, The Vi.

The best of young adult books. Young-adult books are books marketed to adolescents, roughly between the ages of 12 and 17, and usually feature main characters in that age range. If the book is part of a series, please only vote for the first book. The third book was a story I think I would have enjoyed when I was the suggested age for a reader of young-adult fiction. I would recommend this book and I’m working on an Amazon review. I can hear people saying – hold it! What about morals and values and shouldn’t there be a place for books that promote positive values for young people.

From Mark Twain's 1885 classic The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, to Terry Trueman's 2003 novel Inside Out, young adult novels reveal the truth about the complexities that people face when they are confronted with moral dilemmas. While certain decisions may seem to have a clearly moral, or clearly immoral bent, these novels demonstrate that. The Young Adult (YA) fiction genre is a category aimed at teens, but many of the books have an adult following, as well. For authors wishing to publish a book in the YA arena, here are some facts and figures about the marketplace for these books.

Sociologist Christian Smith recently led a research team that conducted in-depth interviews with 230 young adults from across America, all of which focused on the moral lives of today’s young adults. The results are quite depressing. Columnist David Brooks summarizes several of the salient findings.