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The Adult Learner 6th ed., 2005) Introduction How to Reach Adult Learners You want to connect with your adult audience. Make sure your course is: • Immediately useful • Relevant Effective Adult Learning: A Toolkit for Teaching Adults | 5 Target Audience Target audience descriptions do not need to be extensive, but they. Training Needs Assessment - Working with Adult Learners. Included in this tool are five principles of adult learning, information on how to address the needs and priorities of adult learners, and strategies for working with them successfully. An easy-to-read form covering tips on effectively teaching adult learners and teaching methods.

When teaching adult learners, there is a shift in the relationship between faculty member and students, and a shift in the way that learners will perceive the effectiveness of different teaching methods (Karge et al, 2011). Hill has defined three areas where adult learners . as a faciltator of learning and a resource to the learner. The adult learner takes responsibilty for his or her education. Each style of teaching is effective in some situation. At times the teacher should take control of the learning situation and work to ensure that the learner has a .