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Review the milestones of physical development in early and middle adulthood Key Points Adults experiences age-related changes based on many factors: biological factors such as molecular and cellular changes are called primary aging, while aging that occurs due to controllable factors, such as lack of physical exercise and poor diet, is called secondary aging. Physical Development: Age 17–45. The young adult years are often referred to as the peak years. Young adults experience excellent health, vigor, and physical functioning. Young adults have not yet been subjected to age‐related physical deterioration, such as wrinkles, weakened body systems, and reduced lung and heart capacities.

Early and Middle Adulthood Physical Development in Adulthood. As individuals move through early and middle adulthood, Cognitive Development in Adulthood. Cognition changes over a person’s lifespan, Socioemotional Development in Adulthood. Early and middle adulthood is . Sep 12, 2013 · Physical, Psychological and Emotional Changes in Adults Adult Human Development. When you think of human development, what is the first thing Physical Development. First, let's look at the physical changes that take place during adulthood. Psychological and Emotional Development. Now that you.

Physical Development. Most young adults aged 18 and over will: Complete the process of physical maturation, usually attaining full adult height [Secondary sexual characteristics, such as size of penis and breasts, are completed.] Cognitive Development. Most young adults aged 18 and over will. Physical Development: Age 65+ Daniel Levinson depicts the late adulthood period as those years that encompass age 65 and beyond. Other developmental psychologists further divide later adulthood into young‐old (ages 65–85) and old‐old (ages 85 and beyond) stages.

dr.Shaban 5. Young Adulthood Physical Development. –Physical strength typically peaks in early adulthood (the 20’s and 30’s) – Although physical changes are minimal during this phase, the weight and muscle mass change as a result of diet, exercise,pregnancy and lactation.