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medicare supply company that will deliver adult diapers - Does Medicare Cover Incontinence Supplies?

Medicaid for individuals in nursing homes will supply adult diapers and other disposable, absorbent products. Most Medicaid Waivers, which provide assistance to individuals living at home or in the community, also provides assistance typically under the category of home care supplies. It allows medical supply companies to send you incontinence supplies and bill your Medicaid plan for the cost. Physician’s order (PO): A Physician’s Order is the most common document required by Medicaid plans for incontinence supply coverage.

Incontinence supplies coverage and adult diapers are not available through Medicare. Get info on what is covered through your plan on Medicare.gov. Incontinence supplies coverage. My local medical supply store told me that Medicare does not pay for anything "bathroom related" which includes things like shower chairs, too. Medicaid depends on your state. Medicare is a federal program, but Medicaid is a state program. Adult diapers should be supplied by the nursing home and are usually considered part of the per diem charge.

Medicare's coverage is specific to the individual and the type of home care supply. Adult diapers are not paid for by Medicare but ostomy supplies are covered at 80% after the deductible is met. Provided the individual has a written prescription or can otherwise justify the need for the supply. Original Medicare, Part A and B, doesn’t consider adult diapers or other incontinence supplies, such as adult briefs, pads, or liners, to be Durable Medical Equipment (DME) or supplies, and therefore doesn’t cover these items. Original Medicare only covers durable medical equipment when it meets the defined criteria established by Medicare.

Adult Diapers & Briefs, Adult Pull Ups, Baby & Youth Diapers, Protective Underwear and more by name brands such as Prevail, Depend, PerFit, FQ and Tranquility. Company Info; About Us; Contact Us Your source for brand name medical homecare supplies at wholesale prices on the most absorbent adult diapers and Incontinence Supplies. Medicare Advantage Plans. Usually you’ll need to purchase qualified items through an eligible provider, a company that has been approved to handle claims and will often process them for you. There are limits to how much product is covered on a monthly basis. These limits vary by plan, but are often between 200 and 300 briefs or diapers per month.