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Spanking Stories, New Sex Stories, Adult Fictions, Erotic Sex Stories, Free Sex Stories, Real Sex Stories, Erotic Fictions, Erotic Short Stories. Therefore in the above example an adult male is spanking three girls and a woman. If there are a lot of people involved, sometimes this is abreviated with a number, .

Jul 04, 2019 · Giving Thanks – An Erotic Story of Spanking and Sex Donna Turner July 4, 2019 BDSM STORIES, EROTIC STORIES The following short erotic fiction sees a British woman celebrating her first American Thanksgiving by giving thanks to her Dominant boyfriend for a good spanking.Author: Donna Turner. To Our Lovely Writers, Based on the influx of submissions to the site, we have introduced some new guidelines to help manage our editors’ time and ensure your stories get published as quickly as possible–please be sure to check out the formatting section (and thank you for doing so).Reviews: 1.

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Renee wrote: "They were there, just in the closet. It's hard to come out about a fetish that makes people snicker At least it was for me." Yes sadly - same this side of the fence. Big trucks need big men to drive them; big men you don’t cross especially if you are an eighteen-year-old stowaway. Demi discovers that Jim is just the man to correct her with a good spanking but also teach her everything this eighteen-year-old virgin wanted to know.