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The District of Columbia Immunization Information System (DOCIIS) is an internet-based system that collects, stores, tracks and monitors immunization event information for residents and visitors to DC across the lifespan. DOCIIS provides access to real-time immunization data to a range of immunization stakeholders including: health care providers, pharmacies, health care payers, schools and. Some states have registries (Immunization Information Systems) that include adult vaccines. What To Do If You Can’t Find Your Records. If you can’t find your personal records or records from the doctor, you may need to get some of the vaccines again. While this is not ideal, it is safe to repeat vaccines.

The District of Columbia Immunization Information System provides real-time immunization data across the lifespan through health information exchange. DOCIIS provides access to immunization data to a range of stakeholders including: health care providers, health care payers, pharmacies, schools, and licensed child development centers. May 31, 2016 · Vaccination records (sometimes called immunization records) provide a history of all the vaccines you or your child received. This record may be required for certain jobs, travel abroad, or school registration. Adult Vaccination Records.

The Washington State Immunization Information System (IIS) is a lifetime registry that keeps track of immunization records for people of all ages. The system is a secure, web-based tool for healthcare providers and schools. The IIS connects people who receive, administer, record, and order vaccines in . Access the grantee immunization websites. Visit the CDC’s interactive map of immunization websites, arranged by state, city and island, to find your state or local immunization or public health site. Each site may have additional information on how to locate your childhood immunization records.

Immunization. You make educated choices about your health and the health of your family every day. You research which car seat has the highest safety ratings, you read food labels, and you talk to your friends and family about how to find quality child care. Apr 02, 2017 · Adult Immunization Records (18+ years) The Texas Immunization Registry began storing adult immunization records in 2009 as an "opt-in" registry system, meaning that a consent form had to be signed to add records to the registry. This allowed Texans age 18 years or older to voluntarily store their adult immunization records in the registry.

Jul 21, 2009 · The DC Immunization Registry will make it easier to find immunization records for medical appointments or school entry. The DC Immunization Registry automatically calculates immunization recommendations and school requirements. Data maintained in the DC Immunization Registry is secure and confidential and can be seen only by approved users. 3 Section Section IIIIII: Searching the Registry for an Immunization Record: Searching the Registry for an Immunization Record You can search for a record using the patient’s last name, first name, middle name, date of birth, WIC number, Medicaid number, Social Security number, DCPS .