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Last week I gave you logo patterns, this week I give you the cape pattern! I’ve had lots of requests for this since I made them last year. Merry Christmas to all of you! Get the logos here. Get the Superhero Cape Pattern here. Also, check out these printable Halloween activities and games. How to Make Superhero Capes for Adults. Superhero capes can be simple to find in children's sizes -- just visit the dress-up department of any toy store. Finding one for adults, however, may prove more difficult. If you have basic sewing skills, you can make superhero capes for adults. Whether it's part of a Halloween costume or you just want to.

May 21, 2015 · Made by Me Monday – Super Hero Cape {pattern + tutorial} 2013 March 4 This tutorial has been re-launched with a FREE pattern in sizes 18m – Adult . Sep 07, 2012 · As a result, here is my new take on the super-hero cape. My favorite feature of this cape is that once it is completed, there is no need to fasten and unfasten it. Thank you for sharing this easy cape pattern! It’ll be perfect for my Halloween costume this year. I’m going as “Captain Obvious.” DIY Super Hero Capes (Child & Adult.

I sketched the initial pattern at work, and it was pretty awful. It did produce an amazing cape, however. I've included a picture of it because the scanner isn't working right now.Once you have the shoulder measurements and length figured out, it's a cake walk of victory from that point on. Dec 04, 2018 · 8 A Super hero Cape This is the most common type of cape you see around – an unavoidable sewing project for mommies who make costumes for their kids. You can make one for your kid with a velcro fastening with the following pattern.Take a fabric of length – measure length from shoulder to knee (or till ankle if you want ankle length cape).