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Adult Male Spanking an Adult Female. Unknown to Alanea boyfriend Michael has caught her in an egregious lie. Excitedly she packs for their camping trip while Michael discreetly bundles together a collection of restraints and disciplinary implements. Non-stop, rapid-fire spanking action, for over 6 minutes. Her bottom truly seemed to enjoy the punishment, too. He was able to bring out a beautiful shade of red in those lovely cheeks.

Men spank women, m/f spankig from soft to hard. Top Spanking Related Sites. A married man desperately wants to become a better husband to his wonderful wife. He is hoping that severe punishment spankings administered by her can correct his bad behaviour that is causing them to drift further apart.

In this candid discussion about adult F/M spanking and domestic discipline play, the lovely and insightful Liz shares her observations on the adult spanking fetish and also talks about how she and her boyfriend enjoy their mutual interest in spanking Read More». you take me over your knee for a longer spanking than you normally give, such that once my feet are doing a good dance for a while, you can pause, look at a watch we will have nearby, and then start spanking again with many spanks of strong intensity for two minutes or less if I Author: Red.

Love the 1960 type dress she was wearing perfect to give a bad boy an old fashion spanking. If you really want to teach him a lesson he wont forget any time soon keep that fast and hard pace up for 3-5 minutes once he is crying over your lap while being paddled ask him if your getting through to him then paddle him a little longer, that's how my wife spanks me. F/M, F/m, & f/m stories involving Domestic Discipline issues with youthful or adult males within a familial dynamic. F/F, f/F, & f/f stories, involving a multitude of situations, some domestic, others loving, & others playful. Schoolgirl's Spanking - resenting her mother's boyfriend's cold attitude, a girl gets even.

These are from Bookbabe, aka Michele.I love the raw sexual energy that runs through some of these stories, and they're well-written too. A compendium of spank stories sorted into rough groups by theme Most of these spanking stories have been posted to Usenet at some time in between 1995 and 2008, initially to alt.sex.spanking (ass) and later to soc.sexuality.spanking (sss)and/or alt.spanking.reality.moderated (asrm).