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Sabas was born at Mutalaska, Cappadocia, near Caesarea. He was the son of an army officer there who when assigned to Alexandria, left him in the care of an uncle. Mistreated by his uncle's wife. The bishop persuaded a reluctant Sabas, then in his early 50s, to prepare for the priesthood so that he could better serve his monastic community in leadership. While functioning as abbot among a large community of monks, he felt ever called to live the life of a hermit.Author: Franciscan Media.

Feast day December 5. St. Sabas, a leader of that early monasticism, founded seven monasteries, three lauras and four cenobia. A laura is a settlement of hermits living in caves and huts around a church. A community of monks who live, worship, and work together is a cenobium. Sabas built well as his chief monastery, the Mar Saba, still exists after 15 centuries.Author: Loyola Press. The Venerable Sabbas the Sanctified was a Palestinian monastic who is credited with composing the first monastic rule of church services, the so-called "Jerusalem Typikon". He was a staunch opponent of the heretical Monophysites and Origenist movements. His feast day is on December 5.

Dec 05, 2010 · St. Sabas. At the age of 91, in response to a plea from the Patriarch of Jerusalem, St. Sabas undertook a journey to Constantinople in conjunction with the Samaritan revolt and its violent repression. He fell ill and, soon after his return, died at the monastery at Mar Saba. Today the monastery is still inhabited by monks. The Great Lavra of St. Sabas, known in Arabic as Mar Saba (Hebrew:??????????), is a Greek Orthodox monastery overlooking the Kidron Valley in the West Bank east of Bethlehem. It was founded by Saint Sabas of Cappadocia in the year 439 and today houses around 20 monks.

After him was named the Basilica of St. Sabas with its former monastery on the Aventine at Rome. His feast is on 5 December. Other saints of this name are: St. Sabbas, a Goth, martyred 12 April, 372, by being drowned in the Musæus, a tributary of the Danube; St. Sabbas, also a Goth, martyred with about seventy others at Rome, under Aurelian;. St. Sabas of Serbia → K-12 & Adult Education Classes. Support Free Education Tax deductible support Free education. Socials Connect with us online. Catholic Online on Facebook Catholic social network. Catholic Online on Twitter Catholic Tweets. Catholic Online on YouTube.

Life. St Sabbas was born the son of John, a military commander, and Sophia, at Mutalaska near Caesarea of Cappadocia.The name of the village has no known meaning in Greek, but the Aramaic "Mata la zkha" translates as "Village of Victory".Attributes: Clothed as a monk, often holding a . Life and persecution. Sabbas (also Saba) was born in 334 in a village in the Buzău river valley and lived in what is now the Wallachia region in Romania and converted to Christianity as a youth. His hagiography states that he was a Goth by race and may have been a cantor or a Born: 334, Buzău river valley, Romania.