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Each year, our volunteer Project Leaders serve in over 60 locations around the world. They work with Adult Trips, Family Trips, Youth Trips, Ambassador Trips, Disaster Relief Trips, Kingdom Journeys, and Custom Trip Requests. Project Leaders serve as point people, directing both the spiritual and logistical aspects of a mission project. "Mission Discovery is one of those rare ministries that has a mature grasp on both the toxic and transformative aspects of mission work. Years of frontline ministry experience among the poor and many nations has taught them how to lead young people and adults alike into sensitive, impactful mission - mission that makes a lasting difference in the lives of servers as well as those being served.".

EM offers Christian mission trips for youth, college students, families and adults. Don't wait—sign up for a U.S. or international mission trip today. Experience Mission offers short-term Christian mission trips for groups of youth, college students, adults and families. View all upcoming U.S. and international trips! Start planning next year's trip today! Find your 2020 Mission Trip below! Mission Trips for Youth & Adult .

Our 30+ years experience delivering trips around the globe to individuals, businesses and churches has enabled us to be catalysts for positive change in the world. Mission trips and more. Our newsletter highlights upcoming opportunities and articles to help you make the most of your mission journey. Subscribe. Prepare for your mission trip. Embark is a five-part email series for anyone going on a mission trip. Get Embark.

Mission Trips 1-12 Weeks. How might God use you if you took a step of faith to engage with His mission somewhere in the world? Cru offers many kinds of mission trips for college and high school students, working adults and families. Mission Trips. You provide your passion for serving the poor. We provide opportunities for hands-on experience in meeting physical and spiritual needs around the world. College Age, Medical Trips, Adult. More Info / Register. 10/12/2019. College Age, Medical Trips, Adult. More Info / Register. 02/15/2020. College Age, Medical Trips, Adult.

Aug 01, 2019 · Adult Mission Trips. Despite what many people may think, mission trips aren't just for students! At Praying Pelican, we have a strong desire to see people of all ages, including adults, serve on mission trips. The look and feel of your adult mission trip can be as varied as the group of people that make up your team. Zambia Adult Mission Trip—Well Drilling Dates: May 5 – 24, 2019 Adult Missions Trip (ages 18+) Following a day of orientation, you fly from the Orlando International Airport to Ndola, Zambia via New York and Nairobi, Kenya.Your mission opportunity is not only to bring fresh water to a village, but also to bring the Living Water—Jesus Christ!